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Liam Judson. Sonic funsmith and gear junkie. 

I've been recording, producing, engineering and mixing music for over 10 years. In this time i've had the pleasure of working with incredibly talented bands and artists such as Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Cloud Control, Bloods, The Laurels, The Lovetones, Belles Will Ring and many more. Check out the Projects page for a more exhaustive list.

When I'm not recording and mixing you'll find me hanging around some Brutalist building, just hanging. See the photo above.

As mentioned above, I love gear. I love mixing and using this gear. I mix through a console as opposed to "in the box" and this allows me to use this stuff. I love mixing so much that I keep things incredibly affordable. Hit me up at for a quote.

I tend to favour lovely sounding analog outboard, valve compressors, inductor equalisers, tape echo's, spring reverbs... stuff with vibe.


Favourite guitar is Rickenbacker

Love Fenders too. And Guild. And Vox guitars.


My favourite building is the Rakete apartment complex, Zagreb Croatia

I took this photo in 2017. I actually touched the building. A big deal.



I love tape

In the past I used to track everything to tape. In 2018, and considering my studio is "mobile", it just doesn't make sense anymore. In any case, digital sounds incredible when you are using lovely gear. However, that don't stop me from using tape during mixing... Smashing individual tracks down to tape, tape echo, and sometimes mixing down to tape.

Some of my all time favourite artists and bands in no particular order are: 

Marvin Gaye, The Go-Betweens, The Velvet Underground, Frank Sinatra, Todd Rundgren, Sonic Youth, David Bowie, Henry Mancini, Silver Apples, Demis Roussos, The United States Of America, New Order, Stereolab, Iggy Pop, Deerhunter, Suicide, Big Star, Television, Ariel Pink, The Free Design, Beach Boys, Rowland S Howard, Black Sheep, John Barry, Curtis Mayfield, Lee Hazelwood, Tindersticks, The Triffids, Laura Nyro, The Kinks, The Smiths, Carole King, Steely Dan, Scott Walker, Neil Young, The Electric Prunes, Pulp, Public Enemy, Stone Roses, The Chi-Lites, The Bee-Gees, The CureThe Beatles, Miles Davis, Elvis Costello, Broadcast