Tape Op interview! ...and review.

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with John Baccigallupi from Tape Op Magazine about my work on the Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever album, Hope Downs.

It’s pretty techy - pretty nerdy, but it’s fun - check it out.

Read the full interview here by clicking on the album cover below;

I would just like to add that John was a super lovely guy and I had a great time chatting about this stuff, along with general gear stuff. Funny, and awesome chap.

Also, Tape Op have just published my first ever gear review!

It’s of the fantastic Buzz Audio DBC-20 Compressor.

This is a brilliant piece of kit and you can read why I hold it in such high regard by reading my review. Once again, the review is pretty heavy on the tech side of things and so it may not be for everybody, however if you are a gear-head like myself then please have a read and enjoy.

Read the full review here by clicking on the Tape Op magazine cover below;