2018 retrospective - LJ Sonic Funhouse style.

You may or may not have noticed that things have been a bit quiet recently around here and my other social media outlets and that would be because I have been moving the Funhouse to a new and improved location. Arduous and tough work, but ultimately unreal.

But enough about that for the moment - I wanted to briefly touch on the year 2018 and what kind of awesome things went down in LJ Sonic Funhouse land. Let me cut straight to this…


Yes. The Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever album that I produced and engineered made it to NUMBER 3 IN MOJO MAGAZINE”S TOP 75 ALBUMS OF 2018!

This is some heavy shit, and man do I have a smile on my dial. Massive kudos to the band for being incredible - they truly deserve all the praise and success they are receiving for their album, HOPE DOWNS.

Hope Downs.jpeg

Another release I’d like to mention is the album FEELINGS by my old mates BLOODS.


This is a band I have a lot of history with, having produced their EP GOLDEN FANG and also having played guitar for them for a few years in the past. Aah, they were good times… But check this out - they had a new album out in 2018 through Sub Pop, it’s a cracker, and people are loving it. I’m happy to report that I got to produce and engineer a bunch of tunes off this. Sonically this album is a huge shift for the band it’s so exciting to hear them come out of the garage and into the city lights.

Before I sign off, I’d like to mention another exciting band I have been producing that has members from LEADER CHEETAH and IMPERIAL BROADS called REALITY INSTRUCTORS. We cut an album together a little while back and it is super cool, super fast, gnarly downstroke guitar punk with massive melodies and unbelievable cranked Vox AC30 attitude. In 2018 they released the IDEAL LOVE EP on cassette and digital…


Head to my Projects page to hear some. The B-side we cut is killer too. Album comes out 2019.

Happy new year all! Absolutely cannot wait to jump headlong into new records this year.

Be well,